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Lucky Homes (Private) Limited (LH) is located in the suburbs of Colombo and is on the forward-march towards achieving dizzy heights in the Corporate Ladder, in the country and also making a name in the International Markets for expatriates who intend investing in housing or land. The Company has a clear vision, mission and corporate goals. Our customers are treated to cordiality with a blend of friendship, and deep sense of understanding in every aspect of the diverse customer-base. Building relationships is the hallmark of Lucky Homes (Private) Ltd., not merely concrete structures and providing locations to build houses.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Creating Lucky living environment for the community.

Providing innovative real estate solutions in a friendly professional manner.

Our values

Our values

  1. Providing solutions to those customers who approach us battered by financial constraints, especially those who are unable to obtain bank loans.
  2. Sustain a corporate culture of complete transparency and stability and abide by regulations of the State.
  3. Developing the current business and diversifying to accommodate new avenues existing in the corporate world.
  4. Be aware of our heritage and build for the future.
  5. Our customers are the most valuable assets and our aim is to understand and respond to their every need.
  6. Create and sustain a corporate culture of openness and trust.